The Female Vocal Tract

The Female Vocal Tract vs Male Vocal Tract

A contribution about the Female Vocal Tract by: Robert Lunte, Founder of The Vocalist Studio

As I began working to develop what we refer to as “The Intrinsic Anchoring Set” in TVS pedagogy, something very profound began to be revealed to me. I realized women benefit from intrinsic anchoring, possibly more than men do.

The Need For Intrinsic Anchoring

Intrinsic Anchoring is so important to producing an amazing vocal tone that I have to emphasize again that both genders must learn to engage it. However, because of the physiological differences between male and female vocal tracts, I have to admit and feel it is my duty to inform the fairer sex that without intrinsic anchoring, you run a high risk of sounding either like a choral girl or too screechy on your belts and head tones.

The Female Vocal Tract vs Male Vocal Tract

The Female Vocal Tract vs Male Vocal Tract

Though it is not preferred, men can sing without lowering the larynx when belting. The resulting tone quality will sound “splatty”, but if that is what they chose for the moment, it is ok. This sound seems to be marginally acceptable in heavy metal, but not so much in other genres. For women, there is usually little choice in my view. Women simply must engage intrinsic anchoring well into their low belts, maintain through the Passaggio and into the head voice. The laryngeal lowering of the intrinsic anchoring set is the main issue here. Women need to increase the resonant space in their vocal tracts slightly more than men do, and lower in their ranges, in order to amplify the second formant that singers train to calibrate for to get the optimized aesthetic and stability in their singing. Women should begin applying the intrinsic anchoring set early on into their belts, approximately around E4, but this is not a hard fast rule. It seems that women should begin intrinsic anchoring about the same time men begin bridging into their head voices.

Vocal Techniques for Women Benefit Female Singers!

Women who learn to master intrinsic anchoring will stand out in a crowded world of often times, too much screechy and windy female singing. Ladies, do you want to really capture the imagination of your audience and absolutely differentiate yourself from all others? Do you want to amaze the audience, making them remember you long after they go home? Do you want to be the talk of the town? Master intrinsic anchoring and change your phonations from being windy, choral sounds or screechy quacking, to rounded, boomy, formants that have color and depth. People will absolutely love your voice and you will be making a world-class sound that a very few women ever have the opportunity to grasp, train and enjoy.

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