Maintaining Vocal Health Chart

Maintaining Vocal Health Chart

While the full sized vocal health chart below is largely self-explanatory, three factors contributing to vocal distress taken from Thurman’s articles perhaps need some explanation. Disease Circumstances (such as allergies or viral colds) and Aggravating Circumstances (such as lack of sleep, and spending time in smoky or polluted air) are factors which can cause vocal distress. Predisposing Circumstances include Psychological Stress Reaction – becoming emotionally upset. The emotional tension often associated with such distress has a negative impact on the voice. Persons who suffer from what is commonly called “stage fright” experience the shortness of breath, “lump in throat” and other symptoms which impair good vocal production. Under Heredity, Thurman includes individuals whose vocal mechanism tires at an abnormally fast rate.

Vocal Health Chart:

The following flow chart graphically depicts procedures for maintaining good vocal health:

vocal health chart

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