The Female Vocal Tract

The Female Vocal Tract vs Male Vocal Tract

A contribution about the Female Vocal Tract by: Robert Lunte, Founder of The Vocalist Studio As I began working to develop what we refer to as “The Intrinsic Anchoring Set” in TVS pedagogy, something very profound began to be revealed to me. I realized women benefit from intrinsic anchoring, possibly more than men do. The Need For Intrinsic Anchoring Intrinsic Anchoring is so important to producing an amazing vocal tone that I have to emphasize again that both genders must … read more >>

Singer’s Links

Useful Singer’s Links Here are some resources and other useful singer’s links: Get the THE MODERN – The #1 Community for Singers widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! LINKS FOR SINGERS We support: Just Gotta Sing™ Online Store Dry Mouth Prevention – Dry Mouth Sprays & Lozenges Ear Training Entertainers Secret Throat Spray Learn to Sing Online – Instant Vocal Warmup and Training Downloads Pocket Tones – Perfect Pitch Electronic Pitch Pipes Singing Lessons – … read more >>